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Into Turn 9 of the old BeaveRun Motorsports Complex, 1.6 mile North Track – 2003; now part of the 2.8 mile Pittsburgh International Race Complex. Photographer unknown.

John Merlin Williams

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If you have the chance to attend a motorcycle race of any kind, take some time to walk around the paddock area, too. Most race series welcome visitors, including the premier North American road racing series: MotoAmerica (you’ll find some online publications below that list upcoming events: “Racing Calendars“).

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Race Calendars

* John Merlin Williams – occasionally I get asked about the “Merlin” in my name. My dad’s family came from Wales and Merlin is not uncommon; it was my great uncle’s first name and passed along to me. When Google search became a thing I discovered there are many, many John Williams in the world (and a good many John “M” Williams too). I’ve included my middle name Merlin for the last 20 years. Of course, it could have been my maternal grandfather’s name: “Nenotaro”. My mother was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.