Family and Friends

Family and Friends

Racers are a needy sort. Family and friends provide encouragement (don’t object out-loud), repair things racers break (not only the mechanical), and medical transport (when racers break themselves). They are often the racer’s first official sponsors, providing funding to keep a racer on the track. Family and friends become a racer’s first team organization.

Dream team: a partner with solid technical skills…

…willing to just lend a hand so you don’t fall over…

…and a smile to keep you from taking it all too seriously.

A friend who actually knows what he’s doing, there when you need him…

… or to share a good race story.

Someone who will wait with you, quietly, for grid call.

A WERA racer gets an encouraging hand from a team member

Who will offer some silent encouragement.

Bench racing: at least as good as real racing.

A father who raced, taught you to race, and is now willing to fix the bike you just broke.

…and a brother willing to take all your PR photos.